Walking my puppy at Goshen Farm

This preserved colonial era farm is located near our community, so I picked it today as a good walk for our puppy. My lab is a very energetic canine and I keep him under control with his Chesapeake harness from BAYDOG. The GoshenFarm.org property actually belongs to Anne Arundel County Board of Education and sits next to the local elementary school. I get my exercise with these dog walks too! When I hook both ends of the leash to the harness, it’s like a holistic biceps workout… Not to mention the walk. Is he walking me or am I walking him? This is our debate. And English labs are supposed to be the mellow breed…


B&A bike trail from Annapolis

This past Saturday I hit the trail and used my Under Armour mapmyride app to track it. Lesson learned: press Pause when you make a pit stop, like I did at the nice Ranger Station in Pasadena. This station was my half-way point. This is an amazing trail and will eventually connect to Sandy Point State Park as part of a long term county plan. I have yet to ride the entire trail, but that is coming soon this spring or summer.

On AllTrails https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/maryland/baltimore-and-annapolis-ba-trail

From the Art Gallery:

C&O Canal Ride

The gang: Towson State Old Boys

On November 29, 2020, myself and some old college rugby chums rode from Point of Rocks, Maryland, to Harpers Ferry and back on a crisp cold morning. Donning our COVID masks, we had an awesome time breaking a sweat and cracking some jokes. Will be going back again soon!

From the Art Gallery:

Woods to Table

Today my dog and I had venison steak for lunch.  Mine included eggs and cole slaw – his was served on the deck. While my wife and son rarely eat venison, I am sure Tucker will gladly join me anytime I cook it. 🙂 

Venison is one of the most nutritious meats one can eat. With little fat, it cooks quick. It takes a little practice to get the timing right for the proper medium rare result. Today I baked it for mayne one minute too long. Usually I under estimate the time and check on it a couple times.

Adding fat from eggs, olive oil, avocado or nuts is needed in a diet that includes a lot of lean venison. To add flavor, I sometimes add olive oil when cooking and hot sauce later, but to me, a good medium rare steak is great with nothing added.

Ray Hitchcock Taxidermy always does an excellent job with the processing, and when I am lucky in the woods, creates beautiful mounts.

Generals Highway Corridor Park, Millersville

This small park outside of Annapolis in Millersville was full of little surprises. With plenty of parking, paved trails, a long nature trail, ball fields, bathrooms and a playground, there is something for everyone. There is even a small, ancient family cemetery to gawk at. I wanted a quick place to walk my dog and discovered this gem near my dog trainer, Chesapeake Dog Training. We are definitely going back.

Video of nature trail walk https://youtu.be/MZmHr1zMWX8

Farm to (my) Table

Saturday I picked up some pasture-raised lamb from nearby Hollywood Farm on the Broadneck peninsula. We baked the loins for lunch. Their lamb and more will be available at the Anne Arundel County farmers market, 275 Harry S Truman Pkwy, Annapolis. Very tasty!

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