Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo, Thurmont, Maryland

Animals from around the world and here at home are featured at Maryland’s Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo. This is a great weekend adventure for families from all over the region.

From YouTube: presents a 2-minute tour of Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo, just 20 minutes north of Frederick, MD on US RT 15. The Catoctin Wildlife Preserve & Zoo is divided into distinct habitat areas that represent the many habitats of the world. Here you will find small furry things and large scaly thing as well as everything in between.

We are home to 1100 animals that represent 319 species not including amphibians, fish and invertebrates. Among them are bears to boas, lions to lemurs, macaws to monkeys, porcupines to pythons, you’ll meet over 450 exotic animals on your zoo adventure as well as many you’ll find closer to home.

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo is one of the finest private zoos on the east coast. Long-term efforts to sustain and expand the population of animals in protected environments have resulted in successfully breeding multiple generations of rare and endangered animals, including:

Ring-tailed and Ruffed Lemurs, Bengal Tigers, Sun Bears, Scarlet Macaws, Cottontop Tamarins, Geoffroy’s Marmosets, Jaguars, Australian Dingos, Asian Fishing Cats, Yellow-fronted Amazon Parrots, Swinhoe Pheasants, Booted Macaques, Tonkean Macaques, Yellow Anaconda and Monocle Cobra.

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