2014 Spring Turkey Hunting in Maryland

From the National Wild Turkey Federation: What does a wild turkey look like? 

See Griffin’s Guide: Getting Started With Turkeys: What Do You Actually Need?

From Maryland DNR: 

April 18 through May 9: one-half hour before sunrise to noon.
Junior Hunt and May 10 through May 23: one half hour before sunrise to sunset.

Only bearded turkeys are legal in the spring season. Hunters may only use shotguns loaded with #4 shot or smaller, crossbows, or vertical bows. Dogs and organized drives may not be used.

Licensing Requirements

A Regular Hunting License, Junior Hunting License, Senior Hunting License or Nonresident Hunting License is required to hunt turkeys. See Licenses, Stamps & Permits for descriptions, prices, and availability of licenses, stamps, and permits.

General Turkey Hunting Regulations

It is illegal to bait for spring and fall turkey hunting, use recorded or electronically amplified calls, or use motorized or electronic turkey decoys. An area is considered by law to be baited for 10 days after removal of the bait.

Note: Feed or bait placed for deer or other wildlife may be considered baiting if turkeys are being hunted.

Turkey Tagging and Checking Requirements

The complete instructions for deer and turkey tagging and checking are found on Tagging & Checking.

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