Walk Review: Ferry Point trail at Wye Island

We went for a walk on Saturday in the Wye Island Natural Resources Management Area on the Eastern Shore. There is no entrance fee and it has several trails. The trail we walked is called Ferry Point, and is the furthest point from the Wye Island Bridge, the entrance to the property.

The road to get there was part dirt and part gravel (mostly gravel), and because of the recent snow and rain, it was muddy. We took the family sedan, but I would have preferred the 4×4 instead, given the conditions. With the mud on either side of much of the one-lane road, if we were to go a couple feet off the road, the car would have been stuck.

From the MD DNR description:

This scenic hike on Wye Island allows visitors a taste of history as well as an excellent wildlife viewing. Ferry Point was once the only access to Wye Island across the Wye River from Queen Anne’s County. The trail ends at a sandy beach where the ferry once landed. A picnic area is at the end of the trail for those packing a lunch.

It did feel like we were walking down an ancient road. As you can see from the photos below, the trail consists mostly of a very long stretch to the water, bordered by trees with fields on either side.

The trail itself was muddy in spots, but not too muddy to walk and have a good time. The trail goes from the parking area to the water, where there is a very small beach and a picnic table. There was a small trail, called Jack In The Pulpit, that goes off the main trail through woods, and loops back. Geese were flying over our heads as we walked, and on the drive out of the area we saw three deer in a field next to the road. We look forward to heading back to Wye Island to explore the four other trails.

wye island ferry point trail 1 SMALL
Looking down Ferry Point Trail towards the river.
wye island ferry point trail 2 SMALL
A view of Wye River
wye island ferry point trail 3 SMALL
Jack In The Pulpit Trail
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