Walk Review: Quiet Waters Park (Annapolis area)

Quiet Waters Park is a 340 arce Anne Arundel County park located just outside of Annapolis next to the community of Hillsmere. We parked at the shopping center and walked into the park entrance. From there we started on the bike path, which is an asphalt pathway that winds through the heavily wooded area. If we had driven into the park, the cost would have been $6.00 per vehicle. The park is very long and stretches all the way to the South River.

After visiting the playground with our son and his friend, we walked to the Visitor Center, which is a 2 story structure with art galleries and a deli style eatery. The dinning area is very comfortable, consisting of a great room and covered decks.

After a break we looped back to the path and walked out of the park. The entire visit was about 2 hours.


quiet waters 2 small

quiet waters 3 small

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