Compound bow or Crossbow




From Field and Stream

Rivals in today’s crossbow debate would do well on Capitol Hill, where facts needn’t be factual and arguments needn’t hold up to the slightest scrutiny, so as long as they fire up the true believers. Some crossbow haters, for example, insist that crossbow bolts are too light (compared to the average arrow) to make consistent kills. If they bothered to weigh a bolt, they’d find out how stupid that is, but there’s no need because the folks drinking up that Kool-Aid have never weighed a bolt either.

On the other side of the coin, crossbow proponents scoff: “Bah! A crossbow is no more deadly than a compound bow. It’s still a 30-yard weapon.” And that, too, is total B.S.

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Summer is a good time to consider a new weapon purchase. Maybe you only hunt during bow season with a compound bow? Or maybe you only hunt during gun season?



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