Turkey hunting video and helpful tips

This turkey hunting video below from Mossberg made me laugh in the beginning – when they threw rocks at the cow to move it.

Last season, there was a little red fox that kept running near my decoys. Eventually, the fox curled up and fell asleep in the field! It was so bad, I had to abandon my blind and decoys and walk in the woods to hunt. That fox was my saving grace! After calling for a few minutes in the timber, I found my Tom.

According to the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Brenda Valentine, to be successful, you need to “go hunting, make mistakes and figure it out.” I couldn’t agree more.

A good idea to prepare each season is to search YouTube for a wide variety of turkey hunting videos. YouTube has really become like a University of Hunting for many.

It also helps to have a simple turkey call, such as the Quaker Boy Easy Yelper.

The NWTF recommends the following:

  • Obtain a good gun, with a sling and proper ammo. Then practice patterning different turkey loads to ensure your gun is sighted in and you’ll make a clean, ethical kill.
  • Pack snacks and water to stay energized and hydrated.
  • Camouflage clothing and waterproof boots are also necessities and you may want to consider a turkey hunting vest to help organize your gear.

The fun and informative turkey hunting video below shows two hunting buddies, yukking it up and having a good time. As any deer hunter knows, being out on the hunt alone can be just as enjoyable – and even more rewarding. As far as hunting solo, Valentine says, “The benefit of hunting alone is you are learning so much more because the responsibility is on you… When you are by yourself, there is no intimidation. I find that people are intimidated about calling or messing up when they are with someone else, but when you are alone, if you screw up, oh well, do better next time. It’s encouraging to hunt alone.”

Enjoy the nice video by Mossberg and good luck this season.

Mossberg Turkey Hunting Video



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