Kayak launch spot review: Spriggs Farm Park

kayak on the Magothy River

Spriggs Farm Park is located in Anne Arundel County on the Magothy River and is relatively new. Opening this park was promoted as a way to save this old farmland as open natural space for the local community and to provide public access to the Magothy River for those who want to canoe and kayak.

Bring your kayak, but unlock the gate first.

One of the unique features of this park is the locked gate. In order to enter the property, a kayaker must first obtain the combination from the county parks department. This combination is supposed to change every two months, so before you head out, you need to make sure you have the most recent numbers.  This can be done easily online here.

Kayaking on the Magothy River

The Magothy River is a large body of water and is heavily trafficked. That said, if you hug the shore, there are many creeks to explore. The video below shows my son and I kayaking in an area nearby Spriggs Farm Park.

Why kayak?

According to Outdoorplay.com, there are numerous reasons to kayak:

Because it’s Fun! When it comes down to the essential reason why people kayak it all comes back to this one reason. Paddling a kayak is fun! Do we really need any other reason to go kayaking?

Be Close to Nature. Kayaking definitely affords you the ability to be closer to nature than a lot of other activities do. In many cases you will be able to travel to and see sights only accessible to a very small percentage of the population.

Be with Friends (and family). The bond that fellow kayakers share is one that enhances friendships and builds camaraderie. Whether you and your friends share a competitive streak or just like to hang out, kayaking is for you.

See you on the water!

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