I love venison backstrap

This was a light day of eating. I started out with wheat toast and maple syrup, followed by a cup of joe. Later, lunch was a raw of salad of mushrooms, avocado and spinach. For dinner I pulled my defrosted venison out of the frig, cut the backstrap in half and threw onto a pan with olive oil. I cooked up the meat with asparagus.

Today’s meals are a good example of my Hunter Gatherer eating, where I focus on the high quality proteins, plus I don’t mix proteins and starches for optimal digestion. My stomach could not have been happier.

Breakfast: Two starches, bread and natural sugar. Instead of maple syrup I could have had honey or peanut butter. Peanuts are legumes and go great with grains.

Lunch: All veggie. The avocado is a heavy, fatty (good fat) veg/fruit that is extremely filling. I was full after eating this small bowl of raw food.

Dinner: The healthiest meat in the world! In addition: one vegetable. I like to keep my food as simple (and delicious) as possible.

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