Bike and hike at Daniels abandoned town

Last weekend our family made a visit to the Daniels area at Patapsco Valley State Park. If you go and don’t see parking at the official spot, I recommend you drop off your crew and bikes at the entrance and then go find a spot down the road. The walk along the busy road is a bit sketchy, with cars zooming by and very little space to walk.

Parking and trailhead: begin at Alberton Rocks Trailhead Parking

See the photos below. There are two abandoned churches at this park area. One is an old Catholic church that you reach by way of a side dirt road, which rises up a hill from the trail. You find this road when you see the business buildings across the river. The second church is further down the trail. It is newer construction and sits next to the river near the dam. We ended our trip at the railroad tracks, but there were miles  of park trails ahead. At this point we decided this was far enough and turned around.

This is a flat peddle except for the Catholic church hill. Daniels is a very interesting area. It would be a long walk to the churches with family in tow so I highly recommend biking if you have kids with you.

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