My goose is cooked

Today I roasted a goose from the freezer. This cooking adventure will feed me today and all week, thanks to the miracle of refrigeration. It is amazing that winter goose hunting can feed us all year.

I cooked the breasts and thighs/legs the same way I cook venison, medium well and pink in the middle. Wild meat cooks fast, and if over cooked, it will become essentially inedible.

Waterfowl needs to be at a minimum of 165 degrees internal temp, so it helps to have a cooking thermometer.

When I checked the meat after 10 minutes it was already at this temp and still needed more time to finish.

Oven: 400 degrees

Remove and baste at 10 minutes, set timer for another 10 minutes

Total cook time 20 minutes

I put garlic olive oil in the roasting pan, mixing with a little water. I seasoned the meat (see photo), covered and baked.

I was happy with the way it turned out. Goose tastes a lot like roast beef but it is much healthier!

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