“No meat” lunch to go

Most of my meals are meatless. Healthy and clean animal protein is high quality meat, which means it is hard to come by if wild or more expensive if store bought. The cost of high quality free-range, grass fed, organic animal protein is worth every hour spent in the woods or dollar in our pockets. Our lives literally depend on the quality of food we put into our bodies. When you do eat a lesser quality meat, you can taste it!

Today’s lunch is a hummus sandwich with bean sprouts and spinach. On the side are carrots and celery. I eat a variety of breads to keep life interesting. The bread here is from an artisan loaf brought home from a work event. We typically buy organic whole wheat. Another favorite is tomato basil from Panaera.

I packed the lunch in a reusable bin instead of a plastic sandwich bag. This was intentional to limit plastic waste. As lovers of healthy living, hunting and the outdoors, it helps our own cause to be conservative with trash and waste, as much as possible.

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