An all natural kind of evening

This evening was a bit of an all natural adventure. After a visit to Bass Pro/Cabelas, I stopped by a local natural food market called David’s. It had an abundance of organic produce, prepared foods, grass fed meats and rows of health food and supplements. As usual, you pay for the privilege, so I left with less in the bag than a regular visit to our local food market. Shopping like this makes me appreciate my venison in the freezer, the local farmers market and my garden. That said, it is fun to try new and healthy foods, so the expense is worth it. It’s good to mix things up.

David’s in Gambrills, MD, is located next to Maryland Sunrise Farm, which was the old Naval Academy Dairy Farm many years ago. Today it is operated by the county and is a small but fully functioning organic farm. The cows are happy, friendly and grass fed.

Next on my agenda, after eating dinner in my Jeep, was a walk in the woods. There was a county park on the way home, which I had never been to. Since it was rush hour, I decided to leave the traffic and check it out. This was a peaceful hike on a winding little path. After about 15 minutes, I came upon a couple sitting next to a creek. It was dusk and they hadn’t seen me. Instead of startling them, I picked this as a good time to turn around. Thirty minutes was all I needed anyway.

That wraps up my all natural spotaneous trek for a Friday evening. Tomorrow I may wake early for a paddle and some fishing!

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