Bay Breakfast

I was determined to go fishing this past Saturday, no matter what time of day it turned out to be. After getting my “chores” done and checked off the list, it was about 1:30pm as I left my driveway with kayak and gear. This would be a challenge, because the day was sunny and warm, sending the fish away into small nooks in the shade. I headed to a peaceful and quiet creek off the Chesapeake Bay. Even if I found no fish, I knew it would be a relaxing paddle.

As it turned out, targeting a nice shady spot along the shore with fallen trees to cast towards was not too tough. I was confident with the bobber and lure purchased with the recommendation of staff at Anglers. An hour and half later, I was exiting the water with four white perch in the cooler.

The next morning, I had a tasty breakfast of fish, eggs and spinach. All seasoned with, what else, Old Bay.

The eggs were from a local farm, Annapolis Eggs at Windsor Farm, where “hens are fed an all natural diet, antibiotic, hormone and pesticide free and supplemented with lots of fruits and vegetables…”

This bird, a Great Egret, was my fishing companion that afternoon on the Little Magothy River. As I was casting my line from my kayak, he was casting his eyes about the creek looking for fish.

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