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If you are going to ride 17 miles on your mountain bike through the city of Baltimore, it is probably best to have a buddy rider… and even better, a bunch of buddies. On July 4th, a small group of us, a fraction of what we call the Towson State Old Boys, rode a huge loop around the harbor and back. Our fearless leader that day was Jamie Hunt, a rugger with 2nd row credentials from various rugby clubs, but what mattered to all of us was our shared history with Towson State Rugby Football Club.

Our pack started our journey at the Canton Waterfront Park, along side a random jogging club… there always seems to be a different biking or running club getting ready for a morning group outing whenever we meet up for our own event at this park. We are not alone in our quest for the best day of our lives… or at least a good reason to get off the couch on a Sunday morning.

Biking around the harbor is always a pleasant experience. No matter what you may think of Baltimore City as a whole, the harbor area is like the Baltimore of your dreams – what Baltimore could be like without any of the crime issues, etc. often associated with the city. Engaging with the harbor along side of us is always a diverse collection of humanity: walking, sitting and enjoying the beauty of Maryland’s largest city.

The sun was out, the air was cool and day was young – we headed out to a new version of an old haunt, a ride from the Canton park to Fort McHenry and back, which today included a trek though Kevin Plank’s Sagamore Distillery in Baltimore’s Port Covington neighborhood and the Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Hanover St./MD Rt 2. Today was special, it was July 4th, and we were headed for the original site of the Rockets Red Glare and why we set off fireworks on this very important day.

Why would you need mountain bikes when biking through the city? How about curbs, gravel, parks, random construction, and you name it… I love my off-road bike for on-road adventures.

Mike Smith tracked our course… over 17 miles of good times on a new route through our old favorite mid-size, mid-Atlantic city. The other hooligans in tow were John O’Neill, Jimmy Vitale and myself.

For those who have never done this ride: Just do it! It is one of the best things to do in the City that Reads.

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