Venison Tikka Masala

As we get closer to the upcoming deer season I often pull out what’s left from last season to experiment with meals.

This Indian seasoning is a combination I have been planning on for quite some time but never used until a couple of days ago. We had a packet of Tikka Masala spice in the cabinet, waiting patiently for me or my wife to tear open and take a chance on an interesting dinner.

I had some lamb from the local Hollywood farm and my own venison back straps defrosting in the refrigerator but wasn’t sure how I was going to prepare them. I chose my wife’s “slow cooker” for cooking both at the same time. It did not take the full time of four hours, as I kept a wary eye on them to be sure not to over-cook.

The Tikka Masala sauce required cream and water, and I used half and half… and keep adding ingredients to the pan until I was satisfied with the consistency. The frenched lamb ribs where so much fun to eat I finished them before I could add lamb to the sauce… they were like lamb popsicles. The venison was cooked nicely and I added the pieces with cut artichoke hearts to the Tikka Masala. As shown below, we added greens and dressing on the side. This was so good! I still have some venison steak and ground venison in the freezer from last season and will be sure to make this again.

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