Mom Cleans Grill, Cooks Burgers, and Son Nearly Dies

This is a warning to all Marylanders who love to grill throughout the year. The story was about how one family, like many of ours, use metal bristle brushes to clean our grills and how these bristles can break off and get on our food.

Maryland Yellow Perch Fishing and Tips

Adult yellow perch inhabit slow-moving, nearshore areas where moderate amounts of vegetation provide cover, food and protection.

Mountain Biking Patapsco Park – Avalon Area

This video shows mountain biking at Patapsco State Park Maryland in the Avalon Area. The park extends for over 32 miles along the Patapsco River with developed trail systems linked from the Avalon Area in Elkridge to the south to the McKeldin Area in Marriottsville to the northwest.

Light Tackle Jigging Tips for Striped Bass on the Chesapeake Bay Excellent video and techniques by FishTalk Magazine: Want to learn about light tackle jigging for stripers? FishTalk's Lenny Rudow had Mike Ebersberger and the crew from Anglers Sports Center aboard his fishing boat to share some tips for light tackle jigging under flocks of diving birds. Techniques for fishing for striped bass This video … Continue reading Light Tackle Jigging Tips for Striped Bass on the Chesapeake Bay

Healthy Chesapeake Chicken

Eating healthier doesn’t mean sacrificing great taste or even old recipes. We just need to make these old meals “new and improved”.

Two breakfasts, two combos

Here are two different breakfasts I ate this week. These meals are meant for easy digestion, as per food combining principles.

PA boys come down to Dorchester Co. for Sika

Dorchester Co. Sika deer hunt: After a long drive, a local overnight stay and some morning stalking , the boys from PA decide it is time to get up in the trees.

Top 10 Deer Hunting Mistakes

The best way to learn how to hunt deer, is by paying attention to other hunter's mistakes and deer success stories.

How to Fish For Snakeheads at Blackwater How to fish for snakeheads is a hot topic these days, especially at Blackwater, where the snakehead populations have skyrocketed in recent years. We visited the Eastern Shore of Maryland and talked with the locals, to get the scoop on fishing for snakeheads. After trying it for ourselves, by the way, we have to … Continue reading How to Fish For Snakeheads at Blackwater

Lean mean burger machine

Venison burger and salad with home made dressing. Photos tell the story. Easy to make and cook, with leftovers for more meals. Burgers cooked on med high heat for 4 minutes on one side and 2 minutes on the other side. 2 pounds of meat with one egg and chopped onion and green pepper.