Maryland Yellow Perch Fishing and Tips

Adult yellow perch inhabit slow-moving, nearshore areas where moderate amounts of vegetation provide cover, food and protection.

Light Tackle Jigging Tips for Striped Bass on the Chesapeake Bay Excellent video and techniques by FishTalk Magazine: Want to learn about light tackle jigging for stripers? FishTalk's Lenny Rudow had Mike Ebersberger and the crew from Anglers Sports Center aboard his fishing boat to share some tips for light tackle jigging under flocks of diving birds. Techniques for fishing for striped bass This video … Continue reading Light Tackle Jigging Tips for Striped Bass on the Chesapeake Bay

How to Fish For Snakeheads at Blackwater How to fish for snakeheads is a hot topic these days, especially at Blackwater, where the snakehead populations have skyrocketed in recent years. We visited the Eastern Shore of Maryland and talked with the locals, to get the scoop on fishing for snakeheads. After trying it for ourselves, by the way, we have to … Continue reading How to Fish For Snakeheads at Blackwater

Summer Bass fishing on the upper Chesapeake Bay

River fishing tips for big bass in the summer. The Bass College owner and staff member Jack Evans on the Northeast, Susquehanna, and Furnace Bay catching summer bass on jigs and chatterbaits. Video

Is your rod ready?

  Spring Fishing Tactics: How to Catch More Bass on Crankbaits Article by Dave Wolak, When the water opens up in March, bass fishermen can’t break out the jerkbaits fast enough. Between TV hosts and magazine writers, the idea of jerkbaits being the prespawn go-to has been so beaten into anglers’ heads, I know … Continue reading Is your rod ready?

Maryland State Parks The video above was produced by the Maryland Park Service and highlights patron activity at the state parks.