Mom Cleans Grill, Cooks Burgers, and Son Nearly Dies

This is a warning to all Marylanders who love to grill throughout the year. The story was about how one family, like many of ours, use metal bristle brushes to clean our grills and how these bristles can break off and get on our food.

Healthy Chesapeake Chicken

Eating healthier doesn’t mean sacrificing great taste or even old recipes. We just need to make these old meals “new and improved”.

Two breakfasts, two combos

Here are two different breakfasts I ate this week. These meals are meant for easy digestion, as per food combining principles.

Lean mean burger machine

Venison burger and salad with home made dressing. Photos tell the story. Easy to make and cook, with leftovers for more meals. Burgers cooked on med high heat for 4 minutes on one side and 2 minutes on the other side. 2 pounds of meat with one egg and chopped onion and green pepper.

An all natural kind of evening

This evening was a bit of an all natural adventure. After a visit to Bass Pro/Cabelas, I stopped by a local natural food market called David's. It had an abundance of organic produce, prepared foods, grass fed meats and rows of health food and supplements. As usual, you pay for the privilege, so I left … Continue reading An all natural kind of evening

Venison Steak Olive Bruschetta

Tonight was steak night and I added a little something extra. After pan frying my steak in olive oil, I spread a little olive bruschetta on top. My asparagus was baked with olive oil too.

“No meat” lunch to go

Most of my meals are meatless. Healthy and clean animal protein is high quality meat, which means it is hard to come by if wild or more expensive if store bought. The cost of high quality free-range, grass fed, organic animal protein is worth every hour spent in the woods or dollar in our pockets. … Continue reading “No meat” lunch to go

My goose is cooked

Today I roasted a goose from the freezer. This cooking adventure will feed me today and all week, thanks to the miracle of refrigeration. It is amazing that winter goose hunting can feed us all year. I cooked the breasts and thighs/legs the same way I cook venison, medium well and pink in the middle. … Continue reading My goose is cooked

I love venison backstrap

This was a light day of eating. I started out with wheat toast and maple syrup, followed by a cup of joe. Later, lunch was a raw of salad of mushrooms, avocado and spinach. For dinner I pulled my defrosted venison out of the frig, cut the backstrap in half and threw onto a pan … Continue reading I love venison backstrap

Venison burgers

Do you want to make delicious venison burgers without adding pork fat, bacon or mixing with beef? See recipe below. Pan fry in olive oil. 2 lbs. venison, 1 egg (optional substitute for adding fat), chopped white onion, and seasoning of your choice (such as basil or hot pepper sauce) on lettuce and spinach with … Continue reading Venison burgers