Mountain Biking Patapsco Park – Avalon Area

This video shows mountain biking at Patapsco State Park Maryland in the Avalon Area. The park extends for over 32 miles along the Patapsco River with developed trail systems linked from the Avalon Area in Elkridge to the south to the McKeldin Area in Marriottsville to the northwest.

An all natural kind of evening

This evening was a bit of an all natural adventure. After a visit to Bass Pro/Cabelas, I stopped by a local natural food market called David's. It had an abundance of organic produce, prepared foods, grass fed meats and rows of health food and supplements. As usual, you pay for the privilege, so I left … Continue reading An all natural kind of evening

Bike and hike at Daniels abandoned town

Last weekend our family made a visit to the Daniels area at Patapsco Valley State Park. If you go and don't see parking at the official spot, I recommend you drop off your crew and bikes at the entrance and then go find a spot down the road. The walk along the busy road is … Continue reading Bike and hike at Daniels abandoned town

Corcoran Woods to Sandy Point State Park

On Sunday, March 10, my wife, son, and I went for a short hike throughout Corcoran Woods and Sandy Point State Park. We first parked in the little parking lot on Tidings Road and took a quick look inside the fenced Corcoran Woods. To our dismay, this area was extremely flooded and most of the … Continue reading Corcoran Woods to Sandy Point State Park

Hunting with my camera

Near my home in the Annapolis area is about 200 acres of tick infested deer woods called Corcoran Woods, near Sandy Point State Park. The only time to safely walk these paths is in the winter months when the ticks are dormant. I am sure Sandy Point is bad too, but this Enchanted Forest has … Continue reading Hunting with my camera

Biking for hunting

What does biking have to do with hunting? Nothing. But it is a great way to get fit for the season in a very specifc way - and for a specific hunt: deer hunting. What I am talking about is a bike route with hills. When you bike up a hill, you get a burning … Continue reading Biking for hunting

Walk Review: Quiet Waters Park (Annapolis area)

Quiet Waters Park is a 340 arce Anne Arundel County park located just outside of Annapolis next to the community of Hillsmere. We parked at the shopping center and walked into the park entrance. From there we started on the bike path, which is an asphalt pathway that winds through the heavily wooded area. If … Continue reading Walk Review: Quiet Waters Park (Annapolis area)

Walk Review: Goshen Farm (Annapolis area)

Goshen Farm is a hidden gem on the Broadneck Peninsula near Annapolis, Maryland. This property is heavily wooded with a dozen winding trails, an open field, an historic farm house with outbuildings and a community garden. The 22 acre property is owned by the Anne Arundel County Board of Education, which means it is actually … Continue reading Walk Review: Goshen Farm (Annapolis area)

Walk Review: Ferry Point trail at Wye Island

We went for a walk on Saturday in the Wye Island Natural Resources Management Area on the Eastern Shore. There is no entrance fee and it has several trails. The trail we walked is called Ferry Point, and is the furthest point from the Wye Island Bridge, the entrance to the property. The road to get there … Continue reading Walk Review: Ferry Point trail at Wye Island

Maryland State Parks The video above was produced by the Maryland Park Service and highlights patron activity at the state parks.