Walk Review: Quiet Waters Park (Annapolis area)

Quiet Waters Park is a 340 arce Anne Arundel County park located just outside of Annapolis next to the community of Hillsmere. We parked at the shopping center and walked into the park entrance. From there we started on the bike path, which is an asphalt pathway that winds through the heavily wooded area. IfContinue reading “Walk Review: Quiet Waters Park (Annapolis area)”

Walk Review: Goshen Farm (Annapolis area)

Goshen Farm is a hidden gem on the Broadneck Peninsula near Annapolis, Maryland. This property is heavily wooded with a dozen winding trails, an open field, an historic farm house with outbuildings and a community garden. The 22 acre property is owned by the Anne Arundel County Board of Education, which means it is actuallyContinue reading “Walk Review: Goshen Farm (Annapolis area)”

Walk Review: Ferry Point trail at Wye Island

We went for a walk on Saturday in the Wye Island Natural Resources Management Area on the Eastern Shore. There is no entrance fee and it has several trails. The trail we walked is called Ferry Point, and is the furthest point from the Wye Island Bridge, the entrance to the property. The road to get thereContinue reading “Walk Review: Ferry Point trail at Wye Island”