PA boys come down to Dorchester Co. for Sika

Dorchester Co. Sika deer hunt: After a long drive, a local overnight stay and some morning stalking , the boys from PA decide it is time to get up in the trees.

Top 10 Deer Hunting Mistakes

The best way to learn how to hunt deer, is by paying attention to other hunter's mistakes and deer success stories.

All American Hunting Gear, Jeans, Shirts, and More "All year" is when we buy gear for hunting or fishing, even though spring and summer are the best time to prepare for the fall and winter seasons. We often find ourselves in a hurry to buy things, especially when clothing or gear is unexpectedly damaged. If you find yourself frustrated by Made in … Continue reading All American Hunting Gear, Jeans, Shirts, and More

Venison burgers

Do you want to make delicious venison burgers without adding pork fat, bacon or mixing with beef? See recipe below. Pan fry in olive oil. 2 lbs. venison, 1 egg (optional substitute for adding fat), chopped white onion, and seasoning of your choice (such as basil or hot pepper sauce) on lettuce and spinach with … Continue reading Venison burgers

Skin and Process a Deer in 10 Minutes Without Gutting It From - Expert whitetail hunting guide Jon Heaton from Texas explains how he learned to fully process a deer in less than 10 minutes. Deer & Deer Hunting's "Deer Talk Now" with Daniel Schmidt. Season 5. Episode 2. Original air date March 3, 2016.

Scouting duck hunt spots at Fishing Bay WMA

Selfie in the marsh This morning I drove from Annapolis to Dorchester County, Maryland, to scout out duck hunting spots at Fishing Bay Wildlife Management Area (WMA). As you will see from the second map below, Fishing Bay WMA is a sprawling area reserved for hunting and fishing in lower Dorchester County. It is 30,016 … Continue reading Scouting duck hunt spots at Fishing Bay WMA

Featured Video – Fieldsports Britain – Scotland Fieldsports Channel Published on Sep 27, 2017 A young lad on his first stalking trip has a stag in his sights. In this week’s #Fieldsports Britain, we look at why Scottish stalkers and gamekeepers are the heroes of Scottish tourism. Plus we look at what Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is doing to … Continue reading Featured Video – Fieldsports Britain – Scotland

Biking for hunting

What does biking have to do with hunting? Nothing. But it is a great way to get fit for the season in a very specifc way - and for a specific hunt: deer hunting. What I am talking about is a bike route with hills. When you bike up a hill, you get a burning … Continue reading Biking for hunting

Turkey hunting video and helpful tips

This turkey hunting video below from Mossberg made me laugh in the beginning - when they threw rocks at the cow to move it. Last season, there was a little red fox that kept running near my decoys. Eventually, the fox curled up and fell asleep in the field! It was so bad, I had to abandon my … Continue reading Turkey hunting video and helpful tips

Spring turkey season is upon us! Are you using a bow?

Spring Season - MD DNR April 18–May 23 All counties 1 per day, 2 per season, bearded turkeys only Who is hunting turkeys with a bow this year?   SOME TURKEY HUNTING SAFETY TIPS FROM MD DNR Select a spot that is in open timber rather than thick brush: wearing camouflage clothing and eliminating movement … Continue reading Spring turkey season is upon us! Are you using a bow?