Turkey hunting video and helpful tips

This turkey hunting video below from Mossberg made me laugh in the beginning – when they threw rocks at the cow to move it. Last season, there was a little red fox that kept running near my decoys. Eventually, the fox curled up and fell asleep in the field! It was so bad, I had to abandon myContinue reading “Turkey hunting video and helpful tips”

Spring turkey season is upon us! Are you using a bow?

Spring Season – MD DNR April 18–May 23 All counties 1 per day, 2 per season, bearded turkeys only Who is hunting turkeys with a bow this year?   SOME TURKEY HUNTING SAFETY TIPS FROM MD DNR Select a spot that is in open timber rather than thick brush: wearing camouflage clothing and eliminating movementContinue reading “Spring turkey season is upon us! Are you using a bow?”

Maryland Hunting Coalition

  Join the coalition! From the Maryland Hunting Coalition web site: Our Vision is to earn the reputation of dependability among hunters, wildlife managers and lawmakers that identifies the Maryland Hunting Coalition as the foremost organization able to inform, inspire action and become the guiding voice for hunters in Maryland. Why was the Maryland Hunting CoalitionContinue reading “Maryland Hunting Coalition”