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With so much to do in Maryland’s great outdoors, we hope this blog encourages you to get out and explore. Learn about the modern Hunter Gatherer movement.

How to Relax in the Outdoors

The pathway to good health often includes these three things: Good quality sleep, a nutritious diet and regular exercise. It seems no matter the issue, a doctor’s recommendations always come back to these three basic building blocks. What is another recommendation we hear as well? Make time to relax. Finding peace comes in many forms, including prayer and meditation. No matter what form your relaxation takes, one thing is for sure, sitting quietly and focusing on movement or sound, such as the light flickering from a candle or the soft sounds of water and wind, can quickly put our minds at ease. For example, put on your headphones or earbuds, sit and close your eyes, and with your cursor on the play/replay button below, listen to the sounds of this 49 second video. After a couple minutes of replay, you will feel more relaxed. For the real thing, make time to sit in a folding chair next to the Bay or a local river, creek or stream and do the same thing… sit quietly with you eyes closed and focus on the sounds of the water moving and birds chirping. Your worries will drift away with the ebb and flow, at least for a little while.


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