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Spring Fishing Tactics: How to Catch More Bass on Crankbaits
Article by Dave Wolak,

When the water opens up in March, bass fishermen can’t break out the jerkbaits fast enough. Between TV hosts and magazine writers, the idea of jerkbaits being the prespawn go-to has been so beaten into anglers’ heads, I know guys that refuse to tie on anything else. Not me. Come March, I’m throwing flat-sided crankbaits, because these sleeper lures can trigger more reaction strikes from spring lunkers than any jerkbait—if you know where and how to use them. Read more…

Maryland Hunting Coalition


Join the coalition!

From the Maryland Hunting Coalition web site:

Our Vision is to earn the reputation of dependability among hunters, wildlife managers and lawmakers that identifies the Maryland Hunting Coalition as the foremost organization able to inform, inspire action and become the guiding voice for hunters in Maryland.

Why was the Maryland Hunting Coalition created?
Simply stated, MHC was created to organize hunters:
You, your families and friends; for three basic reasons.

The Mission of the Maryland Hunting Coalition is to safeguard the heritage and the privilege of recreational hunting in Maryland; to ensure that wildlife management decisions are based on scientific evidence and not on political ambiguities; to advocate for the most beneficial opportunities for hunters and convey those ideals to managers and lawmakers in our State Capitol of Annapolis.

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Hunting season: Which do you prefer?


The 2014-2015 hunting season is upon us. Which do you prefer?






Compound bow or Crossbow




From Field and Stream

Rivals in today’s crossbow debate would do well on Capitol Hill, where facts needn’t be factual and arguments needn’t hold up to the slightest scrutiny, so as long as they fire up the true believers. Some crossbow haters, for example, insist that crossbow bolts are too light (compared to the average arrow) to make consistent kills. If they bothered to weigh a bolt, they’d find out how stupid that is, but there’s no need because the folks drinking up that Kool-Aid have never weighed a bolt either.

On the other side of the coin, crossbow proponents scoff: “Bah! A crossbow is no more deadly than a compound bow. It’s still a 30-yard weapon.” And that, too, is total B.S.

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Summer is a good time to consider a new weapon purchase. Maybe you only hunt during bow season with a compound bow? Or maybe you only hunt during gun season?



June is Great Outdoors Month: Get outside with New DNR Mobile App


In celebration of Maryland’s abundant natural resources and exciting recreational opportunities, Governor Martin O’Malley has proclaimed June Great Outdoors Month. Even better, enjoying the State’s outdoors has never been easier with the Department of Natural Resource’s new mobile app, AccessDNR.

Who knew, “there’s an app for that”? I downloaded the smart phone app and it is pretty handy. Considering how many hunters and outdoor enthusiasts have smart phones these days, it’s a nice little feature to look at when you are on the go. Of course, it is not any better than doing research at home and planning a trip or hunt.


Walk Review: Quiet Waters Park (Annapolis area)

Quiet Waters Park is a 340 arce Anne Arundel County park located just outside of Annapolis next to the community of Hillsmere. We parked at the shopping center and walked into the park entrance. From there we started on the bike path, which is an asphalt pathway that winds through the heavily wooded area. If we had driven into the park, the cost would have been $6.00 per vehicle. The park is very long and stretches all the way to the South River.

After visiting the playground with our son and his friend, we walked to the Visitor Center, which is a 2 story structure with art galleries and a deli style eatery. The dinning area is very comfortable, consisting of a great room and covered decks.

After a break we looped back to the path and walked out of the park. The entire visit was about 2 hours.


quiet waters 2 small

quiet waters 3 small

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