My European Mount – How I did it


Last season (2012-2013) I created a European Mount from a buck I took that December. After some research on the web and a discussion with my deer processor, I jumped in with both feet.  I did not bleach the skull, but used Elmer’s glue as a protective coat – a tip I learned from reading multiple opinions online. There are different methods for creating an attractive European Mount, and I decided to go with a more natural look.

Here was the process for me:

Tools: grill, large pot, knife, small wire brush, long needle-nose pliers, Elmer’s glue, small paint brush
Step 1: Ask processor to save full skull with antlers
Step 2: Skin the head (keep in frig in a bag until you are ready)
Step 3: Simmer head in pot on grill outdoors for 4 hours with some dish soap in the water; cut, pick and brush skull
Repeat Step 3 about 3 times or as needed
Watch for nose bone detaching, save for later
Make sure to get meat out of nose cavity and skull
When cutting and picking is finished, let skull dry for 24 hours minimum
Brush off any remaining meat or cartilage
Use Elmer’s glue to reattach nose bones if they became detached
With small paint brush, coat surface with Elmer’s glue to protect skull
Mount on plaque, use one long screw through back of plaque and into the underside bone of skull’s brain cavity

Photos: Mike Robinson

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