Turkey hunting video and helpful tips

This turkey hunting video below from Mossberg made me laugh in the beginning – when they threw rocks at the cow to move it. Last season, there was a little red fox that kept running near my decoys. Eventually, the fox curled up and fell asleep in the field! It was so bad, I had to abandon myContinue reading “Turkey hunting video and helpful tips”

Spring turkey season is upon us! Are you using a bow?

Spring Season – MD DNR April 18–May 23 All counties 1 per day, 2 per season, bearded turkeys only Who is hunting turkeys with a bow this year?   SOME TURKEY HUNTING SAFETY TIPS FROM MD DNR Select a spot that is in open timber rather than thick brush: wearing camouflage clothing and eliminating movementContinue reading “Spring turkey season is upon us! Are you using a bow?”

2014 Spring Turkey Hunting in Maryland

From the National Wild Turkey Federation: What does a wild turkey look like?  See Griffin’s Guide: Getting Started With Turkeys: What Do You Actually Need? From Maryland DNR:  April 18 through May 9: one-half hour before sunrise to noon. Junior Hunt and May 10 through May 23: one half hour before sunrise to sunset. Only bearded turkeysContinue reading “2014 Spring Turkey Hunting in Maryland”