Deer hunting in PG county, Maryland.

Successful hunt on Saturday: A large doe at 10AM in PG county from a tree stand with a T/C IMPACT muzzleloader. I have started using my muzzleloader instead of my Winchester 1300 smooth bore and rifled slugs. After considering a new rifled barrel slug shotgun because I wanted a more accurate gun for deer season, and dealing with a limited budget for a new gun, I bought the muzzleloader so I would have a longer season with muzzleloader season plus the regular firearms season. I had purchased a scope for this muzzleloader, but I have yet to hunt with the scope – the fiber optic iron sights have worked well in the woods. I put this doe down about 30-40 yards out from my stand with a shot to the lower neck, hitting the spine. The deer died quickly, going down right where I shot it. I won’t have trophy antlers with this deer, but I will have a decent amount of meat for the freezer.




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